The British Kung Fu Association (BKFA) was set up in 1973 and Master Jeremy Yau, being the keeper of the Lau Gar style, was invited to be its chief Instructor.

Master Yau accepted the invitation and Lau Gar Kuen has since become Britain's most popular form of Kung Fu.

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The British Kung Fu Association rules:

The British Kung Fu Association has a few simple rules that all members are expected to adhere to. The rules are:

  •   Show respect for your Instructors and fellow members.
  •   Show loyalty to the Style.
  •   Try your best to help fellow members.
  •   Wear a clean uniform and sash.
  •   Have an up-to-date licence.
  •   Attend classes with clean feet.
  •   Wear short toe and finger nails